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What type of artwork should I submit?

You can find our guidelines for artwork submission Here.

What is your turnaround time?

That depends on the type of artwork, garment, quantity, and whether or not you are really annoying, but usually two to three weeks.

How many shirts do I need to order to get printed?

You can do just one, but most find it to be prohibitively expensive.

I can’t find you. Where are you located?

It happens all the time. The short answer is 305 Lincoln Ct. Fort Collins Colorado. Printer friendly directions and a map can be found here.

How many colors can you print?

Six to eight, depending on the artwork, garment, and quantity.

I have an awesome full color design I want on a couple shirts, can you do that?

We can print them four color process but even at a dozen white shirts, for example, the per piece price will be well over fifteen dollars.

Why are small orders so expensive?

Because they cost us lots of money to print.

Why would I want to buy screen printed shirts instead of digital transfers?

Because a quality screen print will outlast a quality transfer by many washes. If you do not wash your clothes, this may be a non-issue.

Can I get shirts this week?

Probably not, but it’s not impossible unless it’s already Wednesday.

Can I get shirts by tomorrow?


Can I get shirts today?

Quit it, already!


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