Artwork Guidelines

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Our preferred file formats are:

  • CorelDraw up to X4
  • EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)
  • Adobe Illustrator — please save down to version 8
  • High resolution TIFF
  • Large GIF or JPG

We can scan in camera ready artwork, or take sketches to work up.

Please remember that redrawing and cleaning up artwork is time consuming and expensive.

We will be able to provide you with the best prices if you have high quality vector art, preferably in CorelDraw X4 format.

If you only have access to bitmaps of your artwork, we are best served by uncompressed formats (TIF, or uncompressed GIF or BMP) without anti-aliasing. A good guideline for the size of bitmaps is that you will want the horizontal and vertical resolutions to be no more than 300 DPI, but at least 100 DPI at size. For example, if you want a full front that is 12″ wide, and 7″ tall, your uncompressed high contrast bitmap should be at least 1200×700 pixels. If all you have or can get is compressed JPG or GIF, and/or it will be anti-aliased, 200 DPI will produce more favorable results. Any bitmap that is 75 or less DPI at size will likely need to be redrawn for a nominal fee.

If your artwork is to be printed with a dark ink on a light colored jersey garment, we can resolve and print lines that are just under a point positive, and prefer reversed out text and graphics to have at least a two point stroke. For light inks on dark garments, any details smaller than two points may need to be trapped. Please keep in mind these are minimums, measure the thinnest parts of lines or strokes, and feel free to contact us concerning how suitable a given piece of artwork is for printing.


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